We are currently uploading photos from this performance. Please check back.


Sarah Serbus          as           Alice Gordon

Brian Edler              as            Rodney Bell

Tiffany Holzem       as            The Maid

Tara Steffens           as            Julie McAndrews

Tim Buchheit          as            Colonel Simmons

Grace Austin           as            Felicity Simmons

David Dennis           as            Det. IB Clueless


Joseph EckelKamp          as            The Piano Guy 

The Mystery of the Brown Ale Recipe was Riverside's first and very successful step into Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. It was performed for Downtown Inc's first ever Night of Murder event. It was written by members David Dennis and Tara Steffens and was performed mainly improv.

For more information regarding Murder Mystery Dinners please see the "HIRE US" tab.

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