All members of The Riverside Players are expected to follow our Community Standard Guidelines. You will be provided with a copy at auditions as well as below. 

For any questions regarding crew lists, rehearsals or show information you can contact us directly

Bright Star cast.docx Bright Star cast.docx
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Type : docx

The following forms (waiver/hold harmless and photo release form) must be filled out and filed before your first rehearsal for both  Cast & Crew. They will be provided to you at auditions. If you are under 18, you will need parental consent. 

The health and safety of our cast, crew,guests and associates are important to us. The safety protocols for each show on our event calendar may vary based on CDC guidance at the time as well as any requirements put in place by our government jurisdictions or the shows’ producers.

If instituted, protocols for each engagement will be updated here and on the individual event pages as they are determined.  Please check back before your event.

Audition Form for Actors

Audition Form.pdf Audition Form.pdf
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Type : pdf
media_authorization_release_form.pdf media_authorization_release_form.pdf
Size : 111.224 Kb
Type : pdf
riversideliabilitywaiver.docx riversideliabilitywaiver.docx
Size : 36.782 Kb
Type : docx

Application Form for Tech

TechBandForm.pdf TechBandForm.pdf
Size : 144.652 Kb
Type : pdf

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE- please note that a few small changes have been made

TRP Bright Star May pdf.pdf TRP Bright Star May pdf.pdf
Size : 72.414 Kb
Type : pdf
TRP Bright Star June pdf.pdf TRP Bright Star June pdf.pdf
Size : 74.503 Kb
Type : pdf
TRP Bright Star July pdf.pdf TRP Bright Star July pdf.pdf
Size : 73.733 Kb
Type : pdf
Character Breakdown.pdf Character Breakdown.pdf
Size : 2796.497 Kb
Type : pdf
Character Breakdown pt2.pdf Character Breakdown pt2.pdf
Size : 1621.671 Kb
Type : pdf

Auditions, Performances and Rehearsals will be held at St. Francis Borgia Theatre in Washington MO

We want to thank the Administration, Faculty and Staff of SFBRHS for the helping promote Community Arts by allowing us access to such great facilities. Without community support, we would not be able to continue to do what we do. 

You will be notified of location or time changes per your specific rehearsals by the director.

If you are interested in helping build sets or become involved, please contact us directly. 

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