Cast of Characters

George Schneider..........Tim Buchheit

Jennie Malone..........Sarah Serbus

Leo Schneider..........Brian Edler

Faye Medwick..........Tara Steffens

Tech Direction: Tim Buchheit

Run Crew:

Heather Gordon

Sarah Serbus

Michael McElfresh

Tiffany Holzem

Brian Edler

Tara Steffens

Chapter Two is a semi-autobiographical play by Neil Simon. The play focuses on a recently widowed writer, George Schneider, who is introduced by his press agent brother to soap opera actress Jennie Malone. Jennie's marriage to a football player has dissolved after six years. Both are uncertain of their readiness to start dating and developing a new romance when her breakup is so recent and he still has recurring memories of his deceased wife, Barbara.
The show was performed several times during the year. It premiered as Dinner Theater in Union, MO and was also featured at The Showboat Theatre in Hermann, MO.

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