2018 Back To The Future Class Reunion

Written & Directed by Tara Steffens

It’s the 30th Class Reunion for the Class of 1988! Several students thought it would be totally rad to get back together and got together on Facebook to get in touch with their favorite teacher – Francis Brodie. She arranged the get together and made sure to NOT include Deirdre Blackburn, the evil, vindictive Superintendent. “the Dragon”, as she was called found out and decided to show up anyway. Many people have not seen each other for years but old tensions come to the surface fast. The reunion ends in a violent argument and murder as FIRST Deirdre die and then Sasha – in very mysterious circumstances.

Francis Brodie – a popular teacher – portrayed by Laura Sexton
Dickie Bennett – former school superintended – portrayed by Andrew Waganger
Cyndy Sparkle – flamboyant and attractive classmate – portrayed by Trish Baker
Sasha Denton-Wilde – charming yet not bright classmate – portrayed by Andrew Carter
Emily Campbell-Black – voted most likely to succeed, but didn’t – portrayed by Tara Steffens
Deirdre Blackburn – known as ‘the dragon’ by all students – portrayed by Carol Buescher
Carrie McClurg – shabby, frumpy, tasteless – portrayed by Patty Kellmann

2016 Who Sleighed Santa

An especially Festive Murder Mystery!  When Santa Claus announces that he is going to “sell out” and join the financially lucrative commercial world, other members of his staff are more than a little put out!  But would any of them stoop so low as to commit murder most foul on one of the jolliest chaps in the entire world?  In a word, yes!

Santa Claus played by Jon Noelker
Father Christmas. A cheerful white-bearded chap. He has spent hundreds of years giving out presents, but is starting to get drawn more and more into the modern world – models, stardom, commercialization etc. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, etc. Always seems jolly, but does that hide a darker and more despondent side?

Betty Claus played by Patty Kellmann
Santa’s wife. Loyal, solid and dependable. Betty is seen by many as the real brains of the whole operation. However, she has a fiery temper – you certainly wouldn’t want to cross her! Betty is starting to worry more and more about Santa’s dissatisfaction with his lot – would he really jeopardize their business just through his boredom? Maybe it’s time she pulled him in line…

Mavis the Elf played by Carol Bischer
Factory Manager at the Grotto for many centuries now. Mavis is very bitter at the lack of progression in her job and gutted that she isn’t being considered as an eventual successor to Mr. Claus, who, let’s face it, seems to be going on and on and on in the position. As a result, she has become an embittered, resentful, often drunken, mess. Is murder the only way she can see herself sitting in the top chair? She is also a left-wing elf, a real old school trade unionist. Mavis is constantly moaning about the employment rights of the elves (and 'elf and safety regs) and she hands out leaflets on the subject and hints darkly that if working conditions don’t improve soon drastic action will have to be taken. She has recently been selling secrets to Lady Lancelot.

Mary Christmas played by Elin Feldmann
A serial tabloid-kiss-and-teller dressed extremely glamorously! There is much speculation as to why she’s there, but all is revealed when she admits she has been having a passionate affair with Santa for the last five years. Naturally there is consternation! Her threatened exposé of Santa’s private life also reveals terrible conditions in the grotto and the whole business, which cast Mavis and Ralph in a very bad light indeed (Mavis selling secrets to Lord Lancelot – true, and Ralph mistreating the reindeers – not true!) In fact, although the affair was originally set up by Lady Lancelot herself, Mary has fallen in love with Santa, and is devastated when he rejects her.

Ralph Dollop played by Joe Schimsa
Santa’s chief reindeer-handler and a revolting individual. Foul-mouthed, coarse and dirty, Ralph is in no way suited to polite company. The only things he truly loves are his reindeer. However, he learns tonight that Santa is about to sign a lucrative deal with Richard Brimstone and distribute presents via means of Maiden Airlines from 2005 onwards. This means the dole for Ralph and the knackers’ yard for Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph and co – could this drive him over the edge into homicidal rage?

Richard Brimstone played by Jacob Schmidt
Multi-multi billionaire owner of Maiden Airlines (and a whole host of other industries – Maiden Megastores, Maiden Finance, Maiden TV, even a very unpopular soft drink called Maiden Cola!). Richard is at the event expecting to be named as the supplier of all SantaCorp ® delivery needs – a huge financial success. But how would he react if Santa were to renege on the deal?

Doris Hanker played by Tara Steffens
Brimstone’s personal assistant at Maiden Industries, Doris is a repressed, bespectacled, clipboard-carrying nerd who harbours a secret fiery passion for her boss. She dotes on his every word, and it’s obvious to everyone except him that she yearns for him with a surprisingly violent fervour. But are her hidden depths sufficiently fiery for her to commit murder to try and gain his love?

Lady Lancelot Ffarquarsson-Smythe played by Laura Sexton
CEO of CheeryToys Incorporated, the largest toy manufacturers in Europe. Lady Lancelot has long harboured a grudge against Santa, but is even more panicked now she has learned of Santa’s plans to enter the toy market between January and November. She has had Mavis the Elf spying for her in recent years. She is well known for removing her rivals using dirty tricks in the past, and indeed she herself has paid Mary Christmas to fool around with Mr. Claus, but would she stoop as low as murder?

2015 - Spies for Murder

Its 1941, shortly after the momentous Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor. Now, the US is at war and American is in turmoil. Meanwhile, Georgio Genola's brand new restaurant is about to open. It's opening night in fact with a decidedly Italian affair. A few key VIPs have been asked to sit with you at your head table. These are key members of the community - all of whom have some secrets.

Georgio Genola Played by Jim Mueller
Although a proud American success story, Georgio makes much of his Sicilian origins, they just might cause him no end of problems, capiche?

Mrs. Lucia Genola Played by Carol Buescher
She proves that she can be just as tough as her restaurant owner husband – and then some.

Adele Adams Played by Petra Flores
A risk taking journalist, she has to keep coming up with new stories to keep her editor happy, dangerous in a country newly at war, with the possibility of spies around every corner.

Johnny Ace Played by Jake Schafer
A spitfire pilot who fought through the Battle of Britain, Johnny has a rather expensive way of dealing with his battle induced stress disorder.

Belinda Bright Played by Laura Sexton
She has worked her way up the hard way at Georgio’s Restaurant, but she has seen so many secret goings on, how can she be allowed to leave?

Bud Weiser Played by Grant Kaltenbach
A Captain in the US Navy, operating as a Naval Attaché in Washington. He deals in secrets but also has a few of his own.

Sissy Devine played by Holly Szaakal
An up and coming singer at the Blue Beat Jazz Club. It’s a wild place to be, and that’s just the customers. They’re all after Sissy, and not necessarily for her good voice.

Dicky Mariner played by Nick Kuchem
This British Navy man is deep into the dangerous politics of war. Maybe he’s in a little out of his depth?

Gina Genola Played by Anna Smith
She wants to be a modern American girl, but her parents have other ideas. They don’t know Gina’s got a few strokes of her own.

Monica Laminski Played by Heidi Nuckools
Coming from a wealthy family you would think Monica has it all. But her wealth comes with some nasty strings attached.

Alfredo Bassoni Played by Jon Noelker
A loyal lieutenant to his gangster boss, Alfredo can be relied on to ‘sort out’ most situations. Mostly.

Sylvester Malone Played by Mateo Flores
This hardnosed ex-cop has carved himself out a little earner on the streets of Washington and no-one is going to take it away from him.

Millicent Mannion Played by Patty Kellemann
This bored banker’s wife craved excitement, but she got more than she bargained for.

2014 - 1940s Culinary Disaster

Coming SOon

2013- Flappers & Gin

Coming Soon

2012- Dead Men Don't Get Dessert

Coming Soon

2011- Brown Ale Recipe

The Mystery of the Brown Ale Recipe was Riverside's first and very successful step into Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. It was performed for Downtown Inc's first ever Night of Murder event. It was written by members David Dennis and Tara Steffens and was performed mainly improv.

Sarah Serbus as Alice Gordon
Brian Edler as Rodney Bell
Tiffany Holzem as The Maid
Tara Steffens as Julie McAndrews
Tim Buchheit as Colonel Simmons
Grace Austin as Felicity Simmons
David Dennis as Det. IB Clueless
Joseph EckelKamp as The Piano Guy

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