CAST & CREW 9 to 5 The Musical

Please email Alex Cooper at if you do not wish to accept your role. 


Violet Newstead, Office supervisor- Tara Steffens

Doralee Rhodes, Hart’s secretary– Abby Gettemeier

Judy Bernley, soon to be divorcee- Rebecca Brinker

Franklin Hart, Jr., Newly promoted President- Brian Edler

Roz Keith, Hart’s Assistant-Heidi Nuckolls

Joe, Accountant- Nick Kuchem

Dwayne, Doralee’s Adoring Husband- Ethan Kleekamp

Josh Newstead, Violet’s son- Andrew Carter

Missy Hart, Hart’s oblivious wife- Tiffany Holzem

Maria, a secretary- Kyra Bridges

Dick, Judy’s soon to be ex-husband- Ethan Fields

Kathy, the gossip- Patty Kellman

Margaret, the lush- Carol Buescher

Bob Enright, Hart’s right hand man- Jake Schaper

Tinsworthy, the big boss- Alex Gansmann

Detective, a detective- Jacob Donnelly

Doctor, a doctor- Sarah Serbus

Candystriper, a new candystriper- Briley Howell

New Employee, a new employee- Brooke Holzem

Male Ensemble, the boys club, Disney animals, Violet’s boys – Ethan Kleekamp, Andrew Carter, Ethan Fields, Jake Schaper, Alex Gansmann, Jacob Donnelly, Matt  E

Female Ensemble, secretary pool, Disney animals, Jazz joint girls- Anna Miller, Deborah Good, Emma Whetton, Jamie Kopmann, Caitlin Donoho, Emily Borgerding, Madison Beaver,  Kaylee Niederholtmeyer, Sarah Serbus, Madison Buchheit, Sarah Lohmeyer

Dance Captains- Briley Howell, Brian Edler

Stage Manager- Brenna-Michael

Rehearsal Schedule

All Rehearsals are at St. Francis Borgia High School Theatre unless noted

Auditions May 22 & 23 630pm

Thursday May 24: Read Thru                                        630pm

Sunday May 28th: Sing Unit 1                                      12-4pm

Monday May 29th: Block Unit 1                                    630pm

Wednesday May 31: Dance 9 to 5/Around Here        630pm

Thursday June 1: Sing/Dance Unit 1, Sing Unit 2      630pm

Sunday June 4: Sing Unit 3 & 4                                     12-4pm

Monday June 5: Block Unit 2, 3 & 4                              630pm

Wednesday June 7: Dance 2-3 & Block Unit 5           630pm

Thursday June 8: Dance & Block Unit 6                      630pm

Sunday June 11: Sing & Dance Act 1                          12-4pm

Monday June 12: Block Unit 7, 8 & 9                            630pm

Wednesday June 14: Dance Shine Like, Work 1-4    630pm

Thursday June 15: Work Unit 5-9                                    630pm

Sunday June 18 Sing Act 2                                              12-4pm

Monday June 19: Block 10, 11 Sing Act 2                     630pm

Wednesday June 21 Dance One of Boys, Block 12-14  630pm

Thursday June 22: Catchup Day TBA                                630pm

Sunday June 25: Work Act 1                                               12-4pm

Monday June 26: Work Act 2                                             630pm

Wednesday June 28 Dance Stuff/Trouble Spots           630pm

Thursday June 29 Catchup Day TBA                               630pm

Sunday July 2 Run Act 1                                                    12-4pm

Monday July 3 Run Act 2                                                    630pm

Wednesday July 5 Full Run                                                630pm

Thursday July 6 Full Run                                                    630pm



Monday July 10 FULL RUN DRESS 6pm

Tuesday July 11 FULL RUN DRESS 6pm

Wednesday July 12 FULL RUN DReSS 6pm

Thursday July 13 CALL 630pm

Friday July 14 CALL 630

Saturday July 15 CALL 630

Unit Breakdown

Unit 1 Page 1-5

Scenes 1i, 1ii   Songs 1, 1a, 2, 2a

Unit 2 Page 16-22

Scenes 1iii Songs: 3, 3a

Unit 3 Page 23-32

Scenes iiv, iv Songs: 3b, 4

Unit 4 Page 33-42

Scenes vi, viii Songs: 5, 5a, 6, 6a

Unit 5 Page 43-45

Scenes iviii Songs 6b

Unit 6 Page 46-56

Scenes ix, ixa, ixb, ixc Songs: 7, 8, 9, 10

Unit 7 Page 57-63

Scenes x, xi, xii Songs: 10a, 10b, 10c

Unit 8 Page 69-79

Scenes xiii Songs 11 & 11a

Unit 9 Pages 

Scene xiv Song 12

Unit 10 Pages 80-86 (Act 2)

Scene 11i Songs: 13, 14, 14a

Unit 11 Pages 87-95

Scene 11iv Songs 15, 16, 16a, 16b

Unit 12 Pages 96-100

Scene iv Songs 17, 17a

Unit 13 Pages 101-104

Scene V Songs 17b, 18, 18a

Unit 14 Pages 105-118

Scene 11vi, 11, vii Songs: 18b, 19

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